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Ecocycle - for a next generations' better future


Ecocycle s r.o.

It is a modern and young company, which is based on solid foundations, built primarily with knowledge and long experience both abroad and in our country before the founding of the company. We mainly focus on plastic waste processing.


Due to the large increase in the production of plastics in recent years, we have decided with the help of modern technology to re-use PLASTIC waste, so that in our society plastic waste not dumped as landfills but it can be recycled into new products.

Our Bussiness

We process mainly industrial waste.

Plastics recycling

ABS, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, PE-HD, PE-LD, PET, POM, PP, PS and more...

Certificates Documents

vlajka EU

In 2015 the company’s project was approved and awarded by EU